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Soyjoy For Change

Act on Emotional Eating


Illustration / Animation

Soyjoy For Change is a project about emotional eating awareness. Arising from the ignorance of the hidden dangers of fast and processed food, this project aims to remind people about the danger of emotional eating by educating them about the negative health impacts. The message is delivered through quirky and fun illustrations with funny puns to add humour that wraps this project light-heartedly.

Animated GIF

When the mug is scanned the illustration will come to life and it can be shared through social media.

Snack Bar Packaging

Soyjoy movie-themed packaging with a fuss-free healthy recipe inside. Purposed for binge-watching healthy snacks collaborated with Soyjoy.

Healthy Recipe

Fuss-free healthy food recipe series that provides better alternatives for people that have unhealthy eating habits. The recipe can be made using Soyjoy products

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